The FoodFactory Project faces many challenges. At this moment, we are seeking funding to advance the project to the next stage. If you which to contribute to the development of FoodFactory Project in any way, please contact us or make a donation to Stichting FoodFactory, ING bankaccountnr. 4417230, or use the following donation module:


The Dutch Tax Authority has recognized Foodfactory Foundation as an ANBI organisation. This means that donations to the FoodFactory Foundation are accepted for tax reduction. The recognition starts from December 1, 2008.


The FoodFactoryFoundation is currently funded by the Ribbink Van den Hoek Family Foundation.

ProPortion Foundation will support the FoodFactory Foundation in developing a social business plan; defining the value proposition, thinking about the required partners and developing a roadmap to become financially self-sustainable. The goal of this first phase is to find investors to finance a pilot to test and verify the social business opportunities. To support in this search, product designers of Reggs will make some initial sketches of user scenarios of the FoodFactory.